Small Business Energy Users:

Con Edison offers a number of incentives and rebates to assist with saving energy.

For Small Business – average peak monthly electric demand under 100kW
For business with an average peak monthly electric demand less than 100kW – the utility offers free energy surveys and incentives up to 70% of the cost for equipment upgrades. For more information click this link

Large Business Energy Users:

Con Edison offers a number of incentives and rebates to assist with saving energy.

For larger businesses with a monthly peak electric demand greater than 100kW Con Edison offers rebates for:
1) Upgrades to equipment lighting, fixtures, LED exit signs, chillers, packaged heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, motors, water and steam boilers
2) Performance based custom incentives not on the above equipment rebate program lists
3) Payment of up to 50%, with a cap of $67,000 for an energy efficiency technical study evaluating energy use and recommending steps that can be taken to reduce energy requirements.

To qualify for the above the customer must:
a. Be a commercial or industrial customer of Con Edison
b. Pay the system benefit charge
c. Have not received an incentive from the NYS Energy Research and Development Authority or others for the same project
d. Install qualified equipment or make qualified energy efficiency upgrades at a project site in the Con Edison service territory.

See this link for the application process and requirements -

Rebates For Lighting Controls:
Incentives are offered to replace T12 fluorescent and standard metal halide technologies with energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), improved (high performance) T8, T5 and metal halide pulse start technologies. Incentives are available in specific applications for LED lighting but not LED fluorescent replacement tubes without fixture replacement.

Incentives are also offered for relamping, reballasting or delamping and retrofitting current fixtures and program approved lamps, ballasts and components.

Incentives for the above projects can range from $10 – $20 per lamp for T12 lamps, $25 – $100 for certain induction fixtures, $1.50 per linear foot for de-lamping T12, $30 – $60 for certain sensors and much more – see

Rebates for HVAC, Furnaces, Boilers, and other Gas Equipment and Insulation:
$1,000 – $15,000 rebates are available through this program as well as per ton rebates of $30 to $125 per ton for specific equipment and controls. see

Equipment/items covered includes high efficiency natural gas boilers (hot water), high efficiency boilers (steam) gas heating and hot water controls, Packaged terminal ac/hp, unitary HVAC and Split Air Systems, Air to Heat Pump, Water Source Heat Pimp, Chillers, gas furnace boilers and other gas equipment measures.

Rebates ranging from $45 to $750 per motor are available see

Variable Frequency Drives:
Variable Frequency Drives can provide opportunities for savings in motor driven systems including:

Building exhaust fans
Make-up air fans
HVAC return fans
Heating Water Pumps
Cooling Tower Fans
HVAC Supply Air Fans
Chilled/Condenser Water Pumps
Process Pumps
Process Fans
Process Machinery
Other processes

Rebates for variable frequency drives range from $300 for a 5 hp motor to $12,000 for a 200 hp motor.

Direct Digital Control (DDC):
Incentives are offered for the installation of a new or adding functionality to an existing control / automation system

Control projects are rebated on estimated first year’s estimated savings at a rate of $2 per therm and $0.12 per kWh. The upper limit for the rebate will be 50% of total project cost.

Custom Program:
Energy savings measures that are not listed in the equipment rebate program may be eligible for incentives under the custom program. Custom program rebates are based on energy savings achieved see

Energy Efficiency Studies:
Energy efficiency studies are eligible to be funded up to 50% of total project cost, with a maximum funding per study of:
$67,000 – combined electric and gas study
$50,000 – electric or gas study