Gum Busting

The City of White Plains and the White Plains Downtown BID are partnering to keep your sidewalks beautiful and gum free. The BID operates a gum Buster machine that removes gum from the sidewalks by using steam and a non-toxic chemical solution. The gum dissolves in seconds leaving the sidewalk gum free. Look for the street sweepers with their gum removal machine on your block. To learn more about the equipment and the impressive results log on to:

The BID’s Clean Sweep Program

The Clean Sweep program is designed to improve the cleanliness in the downtown. Due to the sheer volume of pedestrians on the streets particularly during lunchtime and in the evening, litter will accumulate and garbage containers will be filled. The Clean Sweep team, clad in highly recognizable and brightly colored yellow tee-shirts, is continuously walking through the downtown, sweeping the sidewalks and emptying the litter. On average, more than 2100 bags of garbage per month are collected by the Clean Sweep team.

The Clean Sweep Program is more than a cleaning program. It also aimed at improving the image and the perception of the downtown. The program signals to residents, visitors, and workers that the City and the BID believe it is worthwhile to invest further in the City. The cleaner the downtown, the more willing people are to come down to shop, eat, and spend their leisure time. The program has been praised by property owners, retailers and visitors alike for the marked improvement downtown.