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Brittany B. Brandwein began her professional career on stage as a dancer performing with the likes of American Ballet Theatre. After two career-ending knee surgeries, Brittany entered the not-for-profit world, working in the performing arts office of Hunter College and the Metropolitan Opera.


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Mr. Nunn began his career in 1982 as a city planner for The South Bronx  with the New York City Division of Real Property (DRP).

In 1988, he became Deputy Director of Planning and Development in the Bronx Borough President’s Office.

Assistant Project Manager

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Alison Malecot began working for the White Plains BID as a temporary Office Manager in 2014, and soon became Assistant Project Manager. As Assistant Project Manager, she provides administrative and project support for BID directors.

Graphic Designer

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­­Danielle Foti graduated from Purchase College, SUNY in 2017 with a BFA in graphic design. She has worked as an intern in a variety of companies, including graphic design studio Alexander Isley Inc; Candelita, a small graphic design studio located in Brooklyn; and event photography studio 5th Avenue Digital.