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KOI Creative Space
169 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 428-3195


Ryan Doran and Jonathan Manierre decided to open KOI Creative Space when they needed an office for their creative agency, Turkois, and noticed a demand for office space among other designers in Westchester County. For creative professionals, coworking is a great alternative to working in a private office or from home. Coworking provides an environment where members can work independently without the isolation and distractions that come from working at home or the expenses from leasing an office.

Members of KOI Creative Space are provided a place to work, connect, and grow their business or project. It focuses primarily on creatives, start-ups, and tech and digitally focused entrepreneurs. KOI Creative Space is more than just a place to work, it’s a place to network, learn, and provide each other with a cross-pollination of ideas. Collaboration is important in the creative world, so Ryan and Jonathan want to actively encourage their members to interact with each other. Members have a collaborative-focused culture and environment where they can work with other talented, likeminded people and add value to each other.

Coworking is not uncommon in urban areas like Manhattan and Brooklyn, so it is no surprise there is an increasing need for such offices in Westchester. Both Ryan and Jonathan grew up and are currently living with their growing families in Westchester, so they feel a strong commitment to the area. They wanted to create a space for other local creatives, like themselves, to work without having to sacrifice a good work/life balance. With its central location, plenty of transportation options, walkable streets, and an urban culture for a fraction of the cost of New York City, White Plains was unquestionably the best place in Westchester to open KOI Creative Space, according to Ryan and Jonathan.

KOI offers single day, part time, full time, and retained memberships. Each level of membership offers amenities like high speed Wi-Fi, and access to a conference room, printer, and kitchenette. Full Time and Retained members receive benefits such as small business mentoring, an intern and consultant network, and 10% off partner restaurants. They also rent their 8-person conference room by the hour, which includes catering service, printer access, high speed Wi-Fi, and complimentary coffee. If you want to try out the space to see if it fits your needs, you can try their 10-day Anytime Package.

Ryan and Jonathan first want to focus on increasing their memberships and raising awareness of KOI Creative Space. They have plans on growing KOI in the future. Soon KOI Creative Space will be open 24 hours a day, including weekends. They also plan on curating events, such as business classes and art galleries.

Want to see if KOI Creative Space is a good option for you? Take a tour and see what it’s like in person! You can schedule a tour on their website.