White Plains Business Improvement District

White Plains BID Purchases Additional Solar-Powered Garbage Receptacle For Use Downtown

In time for Earth Day, the White Plains Business Improvement District (“WP BID”) has purchased a Big Belly solar-powered garbage can for the City. The new receptacle will be installed in Renaissance Plaza near Mamaroneck Avenue.


“The BID is a great partner, working with the City to improve the appearance of our downtown for residents, business owners, and visitors,” said Mayor Tom Roach. “Through its trash removal and sidewalk gum-busting programs, just to name a couple of their initiatives, and now through the purchase of this solar-powered trash can, the BID contributes positively to the look and feel of our downtown.”


“We are happy to supplement the city’s efforts to keep our downtown clean and attractive and vibrant by adding to the city’s existing supply of solar powered trash compactors,” said Kevin Nunn the BID’s Executive Director.


The City of White Plains began piloting Big Belly Solar garbage receptacles in the downtown area in the spring of 2016. These big boys are capable of holding five times the amount of garbage as standard trash receptacles by compacting the garbage deposited inside. The unit also features a foot pedal, which allows no-touch opening.


The new receptacle will join three other Big Bellies currently in operation in high volume trash locations:

  • Corner of Martine Avenue and Court Street
  • Corner of Mamaroneck Avenue and Martine Avenue
  • Corner of Main Street and Court Street