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White Plains Adopts Valet Parking Law

The Journal News, by Richard Liebson, February 10, 2016

WHITE PLAINS - In 2005, when valet parking stations at the City Center and at least least eight other areas were causing confusion and congestion on several business district thoroughfares, Thomas Roach, then a member of the Common Council, called on the city to regulate valets... Fast forward to 2016. In response to a request from the City Center to re-establish the service that was suspended a few years ago, the Common Council, with Roach now presiding as mayor, unanimously approved a valet parking law on Feb. 1.

"There has been an increasing interest and desire by a number of downtown businesses to provide valet service to the patrons," Roach said in a statement, adding that many merchants "view this service as a critical component to their success."

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