White Plains Business Improvement District

Koi leverages its coworking space for special events

Westfair Online, Bob Rozycki, October 11, 2016

While Koi has competition in the shared-office sector in Westchester and Fairfield counties... because of its open floor plan, Koi can leverage the space for use for after-hours events.

One recent event was hosted by Heineken for 40 of its employees for a training session.

“By keeping the space flexible, we’re able to be fairly nimble and shape it to the needs of an event while still maintaining the core needs of the coworking space during our general 9-to-5,” Doran said.

“We’ve had Westchester Tech Meetup here, we’ll be holding AIGA Brand Central events as well as some WCA (Westchester County Association) events and are hearing from different networking and business groups with interest fairly consistently,” Doran said.

“We’re open to being creative and talking about how the space can work for different needs. I would say yes, our location and approach to availing the space for different uses keeps us in the eye of many different demographics, while maintaining a distinct character unto ourselves.”


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