White Plains Business Improvement District



Brandwein Appointed White Plains BID Executive Director

White Plains Examiner, Neal Rentz, August 28, 2019


Early next month there will be the passing of the torch at the White Plains Business Improvement District.

Brittany Brandwein will become the new BID executive director, replacing Kevin Nunn, who told the BID board earlier in the year he wanted to leave the position because he wants to work part time.

Brandwein previously served as the BID’s director of events and business promotions.

Brandwein explained last week why she wanted to become the BID executive director. “Managing people is an important aspect to running events and over my years in the field, I have come to enjoy inspiring a team,” she said. “During my tenure at the BID I have developed insight into the various roles and institutions that make White Plains the wonderful place it is. In this leadership position at the BID I hope to bring a collaborative effort towards making White Plains the most attractive city in the tri-state area north of New York City.”

Brandwein, who has been employed by the BID for the past six years, said she is “deeply committed to the success of downtown businesses.”



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