White Plains Business Improvement District



COVID-19 Assistance Program (BIDCAP)


Support our downtown and save with half-priced gift cards!


Through the BIDCAP program, the WPBID will subsidize gift card purchases at participating downtown businesses, which will allow consumers to buy gift cards at half price. A customer can purchase a gift certificate up to $200 at half cost at participating BID businesses and the WPBID will underwrite the balance for the business.


With this program, customers get a great incentive to shop downtown and support their local businesses, and the business owners receive much needed revenue during these austere times.


Purchase half-priced gift cards directly through these businesses:
Half-priced gift card sales end June 2021.

The Brazen Fox
175 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 358-5911
5 City Place 2nd Floor
(917) 603-5863
The Foot Care RN
14 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 404
(914) 861-5929
445 Hamilton Ave, Suite 100, Studio 12
(914) 462-7570
Hudson Grille
165 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 997-2000
Ron Blacks Beer Hall
181 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 358-5811
The Iron Tomato
57 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 328-9400
Salon Flair
193 E. Post Road
(914) 946-1811
La Bocca Ristorante
8 Church Street
(914) 948-3281
199 Main Street
(914) 288-9300
Lazy Boy Saloon & Ale House
154 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 761-0272
Signature Acupuncture Studio
277 Martine Avenue
(914) 222-5644
169 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 997-5600
147 East Post Road
(914) 400-2004
Little Drunken Chef
91 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 615-9300

Sundance Kitchen and Cantina
208 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 946-2300

Mamma Rosa’s Sons Italian Deli
205 East Post Road
(914) 997-0418
TVB by Pax Romana
171 East Post Road
(914) 831-3303

Maria Hair Therapy
173 E. Post Road
(914) 761-2100

Virginia's Bridal
55 Church Street
(914) 428-3957
The Melting Pot
30 Mamaroneck Avenue (lower level)
(914) 993-6358
Walter's Hot Dogs
186 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 397-9406
Nu Trend Cleaners
272 Main St,
(914) 949-6161
Westchester Road Runner
179 E. Post Road
(914) 682-0637
15 Bank Street
(914) 328-6535
White Plains Performing Arts Center
11 City Place
(914) 328-1600
47 Mamaroneck Avenue
(914) 946-0717
Wolf & Warrior Brewing Company
195A East Post Road​
(914) 368 - 8617

Please note that half-priced gift card sales end June 2021.


BID businesses: Download the enrollment form.




Other BIDCAP Programs


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the White Plains Business Improvement District (WPBID) announced the establishment of its COVID-19 Assistance Program (BIDCAP) on April 30, 2020. The BIDCAP program is a multifaceted initiative established to support the survival of small businesses in downtown White Plains and their ability to serve our community.

Over the course of 2020, these small businesses were forced to temporarily close and still are under regulation to prevent the spread of the virus. As the economic impact of the Coronavirus persists and the cold weather presents its own challenges, the BID has repositioned its efforts to help our neighborhood stores and restaurants.



BIDCAP is also helping by:

•  Marketing the value of our neighborhood establishments

•  Providing PPE to meet NYS safety guidelines

•  Developing programming to keep everyone connected, even while apart


If you want keep your favorite coffee shop, your go-to restaurant, the fitness boutique that keeps you moving, or your self-care haven salon, spa or studio, please consider making a contribution to the White Plains BIDCAP program.





BID businesses: Download the enrollment form.



White Plains BID partners with Caring for COVID

The Caring for COVID fundraising campaign has ended. Thank you all for your care and contributions!




Caring for COVID was established by Melissa Tomlin of White Plains and Aubrey Graf-Daniels of Edgemont, to support local White Plains restaurants, while simultaneously helping our emergency responders fighting this virus. The White Plains BID and Caring for COVID have now partnered to raise funds to make food purchases at downtown restaurants and coordinate delivery to hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and others on the front lines.


The White Plains BID has committed to matching up to $100,000 of all donations invested back into small businesses within the White Plains downtown BID on behalf of Caring for COVID.


Read the News12 article - Staying afloat: White Plains BID matches donations for downtown restaurants