ARE YOU HIRING? | WPBID White Plains Business Improvement District


Here are some contacts that may help you find employees looking for work:


Eridania Camacho - Director, Workforce Development & Community Education, Westchester Community College Gateway Center

(914) 606-5616 |


Kevin Towns - Regional Director, Westchester, Greyston

Main: (914) 376-3900 | Direct: (914) 758-7880 |


Thom Kleiner - Executive Director, Westchester/Putnam Career Center Executive Director

(914) 995-3707 |


Thomas H. Slater Center

2 Fisher Court, White Plains, NY 10601 | (914) 948-6211 |


Lifting Up Westchester’s Employment Division

Link for employers seeking job applicants:


Isabel E. Villar, Founding Executive Director

346 South Lexington Avenue, Isabel Elsa Villar Boulevard, White Plains, NY 10606

(914) 289-0500 |

Provides Bi-weekly updated job listings to its members


Veterans Opportunity to Work

Hire a Veteran and Serve Those Who Have Served

Employers, when you hire and train Veterans with service-connected disabilities, you may qualify for incentives and tax credits. To learn more, including salary subsidies and tax credits for hiring veterans, visit VR&E's employer webpage, call 1-800-827-1000, or visit your nearest VA Regional Office to talk with a VR&E Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or Employment Coordinator.